Multifamily Acquisitions JV Equity

RSE provides flexible and competitive joint-venture equity for acquisition of institutional multifamily real estate assets with the potential for strong current cash-flow and long-term upside in primary and secondary markets across the United States.

Investment Parameters
RSE Investment
$5M - $25M JV Equity
Total Acquisition
Sponsor Co-invest
Primary and secondary markets across US
Asset Type
Multifamily, Seniors Housing (55+, IL, AL, MC)
Sponsor Track Record
5,000+ units under management
Debt Profile
65-80% LTV (permanent financing, no bridge loans)
First Hurdle
8-10% IRR / 15-25% promote
Second Hurdle
14-15% IRR / 30-40% promote
RSE has major decision rights
Hold Period
5-10 years
Sponsor to receive market acquisition and asset management fees